Fallout for Interplay: No more MMO

Looks like the courts have settled a suit that Bethesda filed against Interplay in regards to the Fallout MMO that was planned. In exchange for $2 million, Interplay gives up the Fallout IP rights and Bethesda will continue with its own direction of Fallout.

I really loved Interplay games back in the day. But Interplay is a shell of its former self and Bethesda is the new big boy on the block with BioWare when it comes to RPGs. After BioWare’s successful foray into the MMO space with The Old Republic, could Bethesda really not be even remotely considering a Fallout MMO now?

I doubt it. ¬†Expect a Fallout MMO announcement at one of the industry’s big conventions within three years. The IP and Bethesda’s pedigree are just too strong for it NOT to happen.