2nd Opinion: StarCraft II

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Score: 9

Blizzard’s story-telling ability in the single-player campaign continues to be excellent, with twists and turns that keep you plodding through missions to the climactic end. Yeah, it’s a Terran viewpoint, but a few Protoss missions are thrown in as a way to further the story. Achievements and skirmish modes offer plenty of replayability for the casual players aspiring to become hardcore.

However, when you get on Battle.net for multiplayer games, be prepared for the school of hard knocks. Unless you can build and defend a base, while exploring and softening up the enemy at the same time, you will lose. Be prepared for Zerg rushes even in non-ladder matches.

Nutshell: Single-player, Hell yeah. Battle.net, shark tank. Overall: Damn fun.

(Originally posted in EGM magazine)


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